Scene + Heard

Scene and Heard curates stories that get you into the minds and behind the scenes of some of the most iconic, transformative and culturally important designers, artists and provocateurs of our time. 

In this pilot episode we hear from film title sequence and motion designer Kyle Cooper. Cooper has been a towering figure in the motion picture industry for 30 years creating iconic title sequences for films like Seven, Spider-Man, Godzilla, and Rogue One. He’s worked in television on American Horror Story, Star Trek: Discovery, Elementary. VFX work in films like The Tempest, Iron Man, DC and Marvel Comics titles and video games like Destiny. In addition to working at Hollywood design groups like R Greenburg and Associates, he has founded two companies - Imaginary Forces - and Prologue Films, which he currently runs. 

At Lesley Art + Design we’re on a mission to bring art and design to life, to show why they matter through innovative and deep conversations with some of the most prolific and influential minds and makers. 

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001: Kyle Cooper: LifeScene + Heard, an Art + Desigin Podcast