Dispatches from the Field

Anthropologist and Andeanist scholar Kellie Cavagnaro, in collaboration with Adam Gamwell, who also did his PhD research in Andean Puno, Peru, is developing a series that involves an ongoing conversation between her fieldwork in the small southern highland community of Chucuito, Peru, and a 70-year- old, mysterious ethnography produced by a(n admittedly bewitched!) Harvard anthropologist Harry Tschopik Jr., whose sudden death at an early age left extensive research unpublished. Some of his writings can be found in National Geographic, January 1955, p.133-146.


This podcast traces Tschopik's field notes through the Chucuito peninsula where he studied Aymara shamanism during World War II and connects to today through conversations with the grandchildren of community members who participated in Tschopik's research. These cross-generational conversations explore the adventurous but often problematic past of anthropology and the representation of difference while simultaneously demonstrating contemporary approaches to sharing local wisdom in people's own words.


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